Monday, August 12, 2013

An Aggie In The NBA

No, I am not referring to Preston Neumayr, who remains the lone Aggie drafted by an NBA team (8th round, Kansas City Kings, 1983). Nor is this about Dominic Calegari or Joe Harden, who were drafted by the D-League in 2011. I'm also not talking about Corey Hawkins, although I expect to revisit that conversation in a couple of years.

In this case, I refer to one Moira Niesman, an alumnua of our own UC Davis Dance Team, who looks for her second year on the Sacramento Kings Dancers. In fact, she is one of two from her Dance Team senior class to make the pros -- Gigi Ross made the Oakland Raiderettes squad last year.

The SKD puts its finalists up for public vote via Facebook. You can cast a vote on a daily basis here:

UC Davis dance team alum Moira Niesman in an publicity shot. (Photographer unknown)

Years ago, I was quoted in the California Aggie saying we had NBA-quality dancers in our Dance Team. It actually came from a random phone conversation with one of their writers. Next thing I knew, I saw my name in the paper, invoking our lesson to the student-athletes that nothing is truly "off the record" when talking to a reporter. Fortunately, I meant it then and I stand by it now. Looks like I knew of what I spoke.

Anyway, I always hear Kings fans grouse about who their team picks. Aggie Nation, give 'em some help... vote, vote, vote.

-Mark Honbo, athletics communications assistant director, can't dance at all. But he always roots for those who can.

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